Thursday, July 9, 2015

Still feeling lost, forever feeling lost

I remember myself saying that I want to do many many things that are meaningful for the next 8 months of my life after ending A Level last December, such as taking up driving lessons and buying a whole list of essentials after getting my pay. And prolly also start to exercise regularly. Oh well, it's not a big secret that I didn't do anything at all. I basically just watched a lot of dramas ((yays to criminal minds and csi for the past few months)) and eat a lot of unhealthy snacks. I just kept telling myself that it's okay because I'm kinda exercising when I'm working lol. Excuses again.

Uni's gonna start in like half a month and I'm seriously still feeling so lost because of all the bidding systems, all the registrations that are done online and many many foreign things that I've never seen in JC ): Lol I'm just complaining seriously but yay still kinda lost. 

Yup, this is just gonna be a random shit post because I refuse to go get ready for work. So tired of work ugh but I know I'm gonna be tired of school once school starts, so whatever. Ok will be back again for another post, hopefully not in a year's time. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Welcome to hell

From the title I think it's pretty obvious what I meant by hell hmmm. Well, school just started like 2 weeks ago and I'm already quite dead. Stress is back and I predict that it's gonna be so much worse because of A levels this year! Time surely flies since I can sort of remember myself making new year resolutions on my previous blog for year 2012 and it's like year 2014 now?!?! ((And the mistake that everyone makes when a new year just started: "writing the year wrongly" is back again!!)

This year is surely going to be tiring but I believe that I will be able to survive it since I already survived half of the battle in my jc life. ((Okay probably not half but j1? Or should I say barely?)) Anyways this is just gonna be a random update since I left my blog to rot ever since... I don't even know when ha ha ha oh why

Anyways it was open house yesterday but I kind of spent my day in school people-watching bc we really had nothing to do except to perform with the choir. ((And joined a second cca to help prepare and tear flyers for another cca bc we are that bored hahaha)) so I just spent yesterday slacking around but still feel really tired today just like anyone else who probably worked 300 times more than me. I feel bad for slacking around but I really had nothing to do. And I don't know why I choose 300 also, probably bc I like the number which I don't remember myself liking the number 300 or something I don't know. ((Okay stop being weird))

Around 8 weeks till first paper of mbt, which is gp? But I don't even feel like I'm even slightly prepared at all. ;___;

And it's almost 6.30pm plus I haven't even touch any of my homework which is due tomorrow, soooooo till the next time I blog again //waves//

Friday, October 4, 2013

'cause you're my destiny

So, there's 22 hours left to one great step sg and this girl here still have half of promos left. Doing nothing but staring blankly at my laptop and wondering what it's gonna be like tomorrow. I'm a sad kid who only went for one concert and was kind of an event instead of a concert, so infinite's concert tomorrow is kind of the first concert I'm watching? ;___; I AM FEELING SO EXCITED PLS THAT I FEEL LIKE I'M GOING TO FLY AWAY. But wait, I can't fly away now when Infinite's in sg hurhur.

Kind of screwed econs paper big time today bc I have no idea was I was writing at all, and just writing everything that I managed to think of at the point of time.

But I guess I got over it quite quickly ((I mean like it's over ugh what can I do right?)) after I got all the stickers, socks and pencil case that Daphne helped me to get and went to the airport to kind of slack and make my hoya and woohyun's fan board. ((It probably doesn't look pretty but I'm kind of surprised that I can make something decent bc I'm not very artisitic tbh))

Almost done with the fan board except that I have to print out some pictures tomorrow to paste them, shall upload the final product tomorrow on instagram, together with all the official concert goods that I ordered whee. \o/

Okay, since I'm gonna be damn distracted tomorrow, I guess I have to make tonight slightly productive so I won't feel so guilty for slacking when I'm totally not ready for biology paper. ;____; 

Reminder to self: D-4 till maths and biology paper

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Counting down

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” 

D-34 to the first paper - gp.

D-1 to chem spa.

So basically, no matter how hard I try to find time to revise, I feel that it's not enough at all. I'm afraid that I will disappoint myself. I don't want to disappoint myself like how I did for o levels again. ;__; I need therapy halp.

okay this is gonna be a short update and off to revise. \o/

But hey, d-37 to infinite's one great step!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

What a special day!

Today's really a special day to be honest. //hints//

Went for choir prac in the morning and then taxi-ed to the airport with Sharlyn to fetch Boyfriend. Ahem yes, the korean boy-band, not the one you're thinking about. Haven't been going for a kpop event for a long time and it definitely feels good to experience it again! Met Karlyn and Nicole as well at the airport because they wanted to see them too. And here's the pictures..

 I'm wearing the exact same shoes as the last time I went to fetch them, yep.

Being a part-time hobo again (someone said this but I forgot who), but foooooooooooooood.

Hi Sharlyn, stop hiding behind the polaroid. //kicks//

Oh and finally, I have explain the lack of photos of boyfriend. It's because my dslr decide to not take any photos when they walked past. Probably too handsome for my camera to take it. And yes, minwoo was like waving at Sharlyn and me. BUT MY CAMERA JUST HAD TO STOP TAKING PHOTOS.  This making me sad tbvh. T_____T

AND YES I WENT BACK TO VISIT AHSCHOIR AFTER FETCHING BOYFRIEND. Because Cheryl said that they were at ahs, so we just decided to go back there too. Ok here's pictures taken by Cheryl and Jamie!

Time flies, really. 4 years ago, we were just sec 1 and just joined ahschoir, and suddenly we graduated. It's really freaking fast and.. I MISS SINGING WITH YOU PEOPLE MAN HEHEHE.

And yep, thanks Sharlyn for the cake and the cute keychain. 8) And the bag filled with green apple fruit plus sweets. (Shall start saving up to get you a big birthday present!)

Karlyn and Nicole too, for the pretty cupcakes. Sorry that I messed up the dates and yep, let's go celebrate it soon. I'm a blur sotong and that's why. But it's okay because you guys are sotongs too.

Okay I guess that's all for today, goodnight!

Thursday, March 14, 2013


IT'S THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL LIKE FINALLY OH MY GOD. Which means I don't have to wake up really early in the morning just to get ready to go to school. Yay! But the amount of homework that is given to us to complete in a week in seriously scaring me. (how exactly am I going to complete them all? T____T) not forgetting that I actually have to do some revision because I have no idea what's going on during lectures at all. Somebody please try to save me, really.

To be honest, I really wanted to upload pictures that I took, but I realised that all the pictures in my camera album are pictures of powerpoint slides and notes from lessons. So yup, I really have nothing at all to share. (maybe tomorrow?) ):

Ok I guess this is gonna be a short update again because I'm lazy, so goodnight! And tomorrow is a really special day, really. ♡

P.s: hi I just watched infinite's comeback teasers, dongwoo and sungjong's! FREAKING AWESOME ASDFGJKL OMG. And I pre-ordered the album! 8) so, when I get my albums, I'm gonna blog about the albums alright!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Saying hello to the world.


Hello this is a brand new start using a new url yay. Was editing blog layout and changed some settings and yup, I'm finally done with it! 8)

It was really hard to edit the blog layout and whatever bc I'm really not an IT person tbh. Hahaha it kind of took me 3 hours to complete, so yup, I haven't done any revision or homework yet. //prepares to die tomorrow or soon// T___T

Okay I guess that's all for today bc I'm really damn tired now and I need some sleep. Goodnight!! ♡