Friday, March 15, 2013

What a special day!

Today's really a special day to be honest. //hints//

Went for choir prac in the morning and then taxi-ed to the airport with Sharlyn to fetch Boyfriend. Ahem yes, the korean boy-band, not the one you're thinking about. Haven't been going for a kpop event for a long time and it definitely feels good to experience it again! Met Karlyn and Nicole as well at the airport because they wanted to see them too. And here's the pictures..

 I'm wearing the exact same shoes as the last time I went to fetch them, yep.

Being a part-time hobo again (someone said this but I forgot who), but foooooooooooooood.

Hi Sharlyn, stop hiding behind the polaroid. //kicks//

Oh and finally, I have explain the lack of photos of boyfriend. It's because my dslr decide to not take any photos when they walked past. Probably too handsome for my camera to take it. And yes, minwoo was like waving at Sharlyn and me. BUT MY CAMERA JUST HAD TO STOP TAKING PHOTOS.  This making me sad tbvh. T_____T

AND YES I WENT BACK TO VISIT AHSCHOIR AFTER FETCHING BOYFRIEND. Because Cheryl said that they were at ahs, so we just decided to go back there too. Ok here's pictures taken by Cheryl and Jamie!

Time flies, really. 4 years ago, we were just sec 1 and just joined ahschoir, and suddenly we graduated. It's really freaking fast and.. I MISS SINGING WITH YOU PEOPLE MAN HEHEHE.

And yep, thanks Sharlyn for the cake and the cute keychain. 8) And the bag filled with green apple fruit plus sweets. (Shall start saving up to get you a big birthday present!)

Karlyn and Nicole too, for the pretty cupcakes. Sorry that I messed up the dates and yep, let's go celebrate it soon. I'm a blur sotong and that's why. But it's okay because you guys are sotongs too.

Okay I guess that's all for today, goodnight!

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