Friday, October 4, 2013

'cause you're my destiny

So, there's 22 hours left to one great step sg and this girl here still have half of promos left. Doing nothing but staring blankly at my laptop and wondering what it's gonna be like tomorrow. I'm a sad kid who only went for one concert and was kind of an event instead of a concert, so infinite's concert tomorrow is kind of the first concert I'm watching? ;___; I AM FEELING SO EXCITED PLS THAT I FEEL LIKE I'M GOING TO FLY AWAY. But wait, I can't fly away now when Infinite's in sg hurhur.

Kind of screwed econs paper big time today bc I have no idea was I was writing at all, and just writing everything that I managed to think of at the point of time.

But I guess I got over it quite quickly ((I mean like it's over ugh what can I do right?)) after I got all the stickers, socks and pencil case that Daphne helped me to get and went to the airport to kind of slack and make my hoya and woohyun's fan board. ((It probably doesn't look pretty but I'm kind of surprised that I can make something decent bc I'm not very artisitic tbh))

Almost done with the fan board except that I have to print out some pictures tomorrow to paste them, shall upload the final product tomorrow on instagram, together with all the official concert goods that I ordered whee. \o/

Okay, since I'm gonna be damn distracted tomorrow, I guess I have to make tonight slightly productive so I won't feel so guilty for slacking when I'm totally not ready for biology paper. ;____; 

Reminder to self: D-4 till maths and biology paper

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