Thursday, January 16, 2014

Welcome to hell

From the title I think it's pretty obvious what I meant by hell hmmm. Well, school just started like 2 weeks ago and I'm already quite dead. Stress is back and I predict that it's gonna be so much worse because of A levels this year! Time surely flies since I can sort of remember myself making new year resolutions on my previous blog for year 2012 and it's like year 2014 now?!?! ((And the mistake that everyone makes when a new year just started: "writing the year wrongly" is back again!!)

This year is surely going to be tiring but I believe that I will be able to survive it since I already survived half of the battle in my jc life. ((Okay probably not half but j1? Or should I say barely?)) Anyways this is just gonna be a random update since I left my blog to rot ever since... I don't even know when ha ha ha oh why

Anyways it was open house yesterday but I kind of spent my day in school people-watching bc we really had nothing to do except to perform with the choir. ((And joined a second cca to help prepare and tear flyers for another cca bc we are that bored hahaha)) so I just spent yesterday slacking around but still feel really tired today just like anyone else who probably worked 300 times more than me. I feel bad for slacking around but I really had nothing to do. And I don't know why I choose 300 also, probably bc I like the number which I don't remember myself liking the number 300 or something I don't know. ((Okay stop being weird))

Around 8 weeks till first paper of mbt, which is gp? But I don't even feel like I'm even slightly prepared at all. ;___;

And it's almost 6.30pm plus I haven't even touch any of my homework which is due tomorrow, soooooo till the next time I blog again //waves//

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